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LATEST NEWS:   Novartis to test new pricing model with heart failure drug - BASEL, Switzerland (Reuters) - Novartis plans to test a novel pricing model with some customers when it launches its keenly awaited new heart failure drug Entresto, the Swiss company's head of pharmaceuticals said on Tuesday.
LATEST NEWS:   Liberia records Ebola death after country declared virus-free - MONROVIA (Reuters) - A Liberian has died of Ebola in the first recorded case of the disease since a country at the heart of an epidemic that has killed more than 11,000 people was declared virus-free on May 9 after going 42 days without a new case.
LATEST NEWS:   Celgene to invest $1 billion in Juno to partner in cancer therapies - (Reuters) - Celgene Corp on Monday launched a 10-year partnership with Juno Therapeutics, announcing a $1 billion investment aimed at bringing to market Juno technologies that harness the immune system to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.
LATEST NEWS:   For post-op complications, go back to the same hospital: study - (Reuters Health) – Patients who need to be rehospitalized within a month after major surgery have a lower risk of death over the next two months if they return to the hospital where they had the surgery rather than going to a different facility, according to a new study.
LATEST NEWS:   State restrictions for hepatitis C drug may go too far - (Reuters Health) - State-run insurance programs for the poor may be putting up illegal barriers that prevent people with hepatitis C from getting a new treatment, a new study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   California bill to limit vaccine exemptions goes to governor - SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California lawmakers on Monday sent Governor Jerry Brown a bill to substantially limit vaccine exemptions for school children in the most populous U.S. state, following last year's measles outbreak at Disneyland that sickened more than 100 people.
LATEST NEWS:   Citrus fruit linked with melanoma in preliminary study - (Reuters Health) - Using data from two long-term studies of women and men, researchers found a potential link between citrus consumption and malignant melanoma of the skin.
LATEST NEWS:   Health groups sue FDA for Gilead hepatitis C drug trial data - (Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration was sued by two advocacy groups seeking to force the faster disclosure of clinical trial data that helped Gilead Sciences Inc win approval for two blockbuster hepatitis C drugs.
LATEST NEWS:   Few people heading toward diabetes know it - (Reuters Health) - Only about one in eight people with so-called pre-diabetes, often a precursor to full-blown disease, know they have a problem, a U.S. study found.