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LATEST NEWS:   CDC resumes tuberculosis lab transfers halted after anthrax mishap - (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday lifted a moratorium on transfers of inactivated materials from its clinical tuberculosis laboratory, after a bioterror lab mishap last month potentially exposed workers to live anthrax, prompting the halt of transfers from other high-containment labs.
LATEST NEWS:   Child siblings may influence each other’s obesity risk - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Brothers or sisters might have a greater influence than parents on a child’s likelihood of being obese, suggests new U.S. research.
LATEST NEWS:   Liberian man in Lagos being tested for Ebola - LAGOS (Reuters) - A Liberian man in his 40s is being tested for the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos, a mega-city of 21 million people, the Lagos State Health Ministry said on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   Nigeria may have no polio cases next year, says Bill Gates - NAIROBI (Reuters) - Nigeria could cut the number of polio cases to zero next year and be declared free of the disease in 2018 even though a national eradication campaign has had to contend with an insurgency in the north, Bill Gates told Reuters.
LATEST NEWS:   U.S. court upholds FDA animal feed policy despite health concern - NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy allowing the use of various antibiotics in animal feed, even if such use might endanger the public health.
LATEST NEWS:   Too few U.S. youth getting vaccine for sexually transmitted virus: CDC - ATLANTA (Reuters) - More U.S. adolescents are receiving vaccines against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical and other types of cancer but vaccination rates for the infection remain too low, federal health officials said on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   Myanmar Muslims in remote Rakhine suffer worsening health crisis - INN DIN Myanmar (Reuters) - Visitors to the medical facility in one of Myanmar's poorest and most remote regions are greeted by a padlocked gate and a sign reading: "Clinic closed until further notice."
LATEST NEWS:   South Africa plans plain cigarette packaging by 2015: minister - CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa aims to force cigarette companies to sell products in plain packets by next year, despite an ongoing World Trade Organisation (WTO) investigation into Australia's ban on tobacco branding, the health minister said on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   GSK seeks approval for world's first malaria vaccine - LONDON (Reuters) - GlaxoSmithKline said on Thursday it is applying for regulatory approval for the world's first vaccine against malaria, designed for children in Africa.
LATEST NEWS:   EU finds 'morning after pills' work, regardless of a woman's weight - LONDON (Reuters) - Emergency contraceptives, known as the "morning after pill", remain suitable for all women who need them, regardless of a woman’s weight, European regulators said on Thursday.