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LATEST NEWS:   WHO warns of 'shadow zones' and unreported Ebola cases - GENEVA/MONROVIA (Reuters) - Families hiding infected loved ones and the existence of "shadow zones" where medics cannot go mean the West African Ebola epidemic is even bigger than thought, the World Health Organization said on Friday.
LATEST NEWS:   U.S. hospitals overdo Ebola plans, posing new risks: researchers - NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fear of Ebola is causing U.S. hospitals to take precautions that, paradoxically, might backfire, increasing the risk to those caring for a patient with the deadly disease, researchers warned this week.
LATEST NEWS:   U.S. moves to ensure birth control access at religious companies - (Reuters) - The Obama administration will ensure access to birth control coverage for employees of closely held companies that object on religious grounds to contraception, one of the health benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act.
LATEST NEWS:   Mammography false alarms linked with later tumor risk - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Women whose screening mammograms produce false alarms have a heightened risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer years later, but the reason remains mysterious, researchers say.
LATEST NEWS:   Cholera outbreak in Ghana kills at least 67 since June: health authorities - ACCRA (Reuters) - Cholera has killed at least 67 people in Ghana since June and infected more than 5,000 others in an outbreak that highlights the health and sanitation challenges facing one of Africa's fastest-growing economies.
LATEST NEWS:   Demanding, low-control jobs linked to type 2 diabetes - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Even without classic risk factors for type 2 diabetes, people with high-stress, low-control jobs were over 60 percent more likely to develop the disease than unstressed workers in a new German study.
LATEST NEWS:   Second D.C.-area man stricken with flesh-eating bacteria: media - (Reuters) - (In this July 31st story, corrects paragraph 9 to show there were eight vibrio vulnificus cases and 27 involving all vibrio species) A flesh-eating bacterial disease has infected another Washington, D.C.-area man, local media reported on Thursday, just days after a man was released from a hospital following a near-deadly bout with the germ.
LATEST NEWS:   Men, substance users less likely to have weight-loss surgery - NEW YORK, (Reuters) - A one-size-fits-all approach to weight-loss surgery may be keeping obese men, substance users and older people out of the operating room, a new study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   Ticks may transmit disease faster than currently thought - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Brazilian ticks that carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever passed the disease to animal hosts in as little as 10 minutes if they had recently fed on another animal, a new study found.
LATEST NEWS:   Nigeria confirms two new cases of Ebola, 14 in total - LAGOS (Reuters) - Nigeria confirmed two new cases of Ebola, both in patients who caught the disease from people who were primary contacts of the liberian man who first brought it to Lagos, the health minister said on Friday.